The Benefits of attending this class are beyond measure as I am honoured to present such an empowering & engaging event.

In this Workshop /class we will be feeling, sensing, vibrations, energies & emotions through our subtle bodies senses i.e. the Chakras.

The Student will learn about basic psychic self-defence & protection against upsetting & negative feelings.

Each student will be shown & given the tools to allow one to interpret Symbols and their meanings as Symbolism the language of the Soul.

Also complementing this we will learn how Crystals, gems Jewels & precious metals assist us in Healing, cleansing & rejuvenating our mind, body & Soul

Mantras affirmations or chants that build confidence clarity with purpose to assist us in our daily lives. Thank You I look forward to seeing you all.

For more information contact:
Michael Lamb.
Phn: 0407737267
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