The Fifth Element session will feature the combination answers here of;

1) Past Lives, Have we lived before? Why am I or people I love & know so attracted to certain countries, holy places, Shrines & temples from Ancient Cultures. What is Deja Vu? Why does my body shiver when I see think or hear of a sacred places.

2) Reincarnation, What happens when Our physical Body dies? Do we keep living continuing our Soul Cycles, How do we cross over? how do we get back? Do I have loved ones on the otherside? Who or Whom is caring for all this inphinite life?

3) Akashic Records, What is the Akashic Library? Where is it? How do I Access it? When did this happen? Why is it important for my Journey to know this?

4) Love & Joyful meditations for the New Year / Decade.

These skill sets are rarely taught or shown to students seeking spiritual enlightenment as they reveal the knowledge that is needed to create a deeper empowerment of Spirit. The student must be ready to embrace this wisdom provided by the teacher who would have covered a broad discipline both of the Eastern and Western Mystery schools. Hence it has been overlooked by most of the New Age, Meditation Schools and Spiritual organisations.
The Student will gain knowledge and awareness that they can adapt and use throughout their lives in a brilliant and practical manner.

Cost is $30. Course will run from 2pm to 5pm. The venue is the Pottsville Community Hall at 1 Tweed Coast Road. Pottsville.
Tea Coffee and Nibbles will be provided

I hope you have found this message enticing and will join us for The Mystery School

For more information contact Michael Lamb.