When Kean and Michael get together – shift happens!

Friday July 3rd 7 to 10pm max (we like to give!) 

$20 online (link coming soon to book with eventbrite) includes recording just in case you miss the night 

$30 for 10 spots to come to the house where we film live in Nambour – bring a plate to eat.


Michael will be covering all that is happening in the Cosmos over the next month and sharing how to work with the powers that be.

From the 5th to 6th of July 2020 a large portion of Planet Earth Ghia will experience  a Full Moon. 

Excellent  time for either a potent Solar or Lunar Ritual. Time of Universal Connection and 

Love for all Sentient beings & Life Phorces.

As we enter a substantial  Energy  portal progression on the  7/7. 

This will be Amplified  as our Solar System is Journeying near the Pinnacle Star Sirius.

 A fun time for the whole family!! ⭐️⭐️

Kean will explain the numbers that rule out lives and create chaos and order and how to surf life’s silver lining more successfully 

Plus add all that’s needed to make your night bright 

They will offer a two day workshop on the 4/5th from 9am to 12 noon on the Sunday – which includes a spot in the Friday night for $444 workshop – $555 for 3 spots to sleep over 

This will likely include a trip to Wappa Falls Observatory to view Saturn, Jupiter and Orion (prominent in our sky).

Calendly.com/happy-2 (put the booking in your diary please) if you want a 15 min intro chat to my work 

We of course will go off topic!

Expect the unexpected!

For sure it will be a high energy call!


0407 737 267 Michael michaelsalchemy.com

0431 778 778 to text any questions for Kean of www.keanbuckley,com