Date: 21st – 30th March 2023
Time: 2:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: 24/48 Viset Rd Rawai, Mueang Phuket 83130, Thailand
Early Bird Price: $2,200 USD (pay by 7th March 2023)
Full Price: $2,500 USD
Price for Return students of Michael or Mark: $1,500 USD

Learn True Hermetic Magic, Kabbalah and Alchemy with Michael Lamb – strongly recommended for spiritual teachers, trainers and mystery school practitioners
Benefits of this workshop include:
• Increased perception
• Ego = Spirit personality relationship
• Higher Spirit Self Monad awakening
• Building your Rainbow Body – 7 colours, 7 sounds, sacred sceptre of the spine
• Improved clairvoyance
• Acute clairaudience
• Advanced clairsentience
This workshop will cover:
Day 1: 5 Elements meditation with Rainbow Body expansion through the 12 basic chakras and elements, and the relationship with human emotions
Day2: Planetary and constellation zodiac meditations for love, wealth, health, and psychic protection
Day 3: The Platonic Solids’ relationship with the 5 Elements
Day 4: Double and triple Kabbalistic word formulas for building effective energies
Day 5: Develop psychic abilities, learn dowsing and pendulum use
Day 6: Soul Exchange with animals, plants and crystals
Day 7: Vortexes, wormholes and advanced metaphysics
Day 8: Cleansing, charging and volting precious stones
Day 9: Types of beings within the Astral, Mental and other planes, planets and dimensions
Day 10: Higher Spirit Self Monad awakening
All students will be training intensively and tested on their abilities throughout the program.
Reveal your soul power in your life … join us for Hermetic Initiations in Advanced Hermetic Magic!