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Greetings my friends

How are you all?  I have great news. After many years of trying to get Michael Lamb to agree to run Mystery school courses, he has finally agreed! Hooray!

For me, in the past, attending a spiritual workshop to acquire knowledge had had a hit and miss outcome. Sometimes I get the messages or communications, and other times I get nothing.

Michael has shown me that that should not be the case. For example, we had a meditation session with Michael to take us to the Akashic records. On the first attempt, we all could not do it. We did not have the skill. Michael sensed it and took us on another meditation whereby we piggybacked a star to get there. And of course we arrived at the Great Hall. It is his knowledge and integrity that has given me so much confidence in him. He is very well trained as a Hermetic Alchemist with The School of Inner Knowledge. That is why I am so excited about this series of courses.

He will teach us how to:- read the stars, and how we are influenced by it on a personal level (astronomy and astrology); understand and invoking the elements (earth, water, air, fire) then speak with the Elementals; thoughts, emotions and will that affect the different layers of our body; feel energies and protect ourselves from negative attacks using crystals, mantras and symbols; understand reincarnation, past lives and access to the Akashic records and much more.

We hope to run a monthly course as from September onwards. Please remember this is a Mystery school, a commitment of attendance is required. For that same reason we have make the fees affordable. We want you to be able to utilise the gifts that we have been given as a spiritual being and fulfil our purpose on this Earth.

On Sunday, the 1st September, will be the first class on the topic of Astronomy and Astrology and where you sit in it. This will also be an opportunity for you to experience Michael’s teaching.

Cost is $30. Course will run from 2pm to 5pm. The venue is the Pottsville Community Hall at 1 Tweed Coast Road. Pottsville.

If you wish to proceed with the Mystery School, we need a commitment of attending 4 other workshops. Total cost for the 5 workshops is $150 including the first one.

Should you miss one workshop, you will receive an audio cd so that you can keep up with the classes and group progress. There will be no refund per the commitment.

Should you have any queries or to book, please email me at or ring me at 0428170178.

Hope you are as eager as I am to attend.

Warm regards


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