Online and in-person in Bali, Indonesia and Chiang Mai, Thailand


5 day – Initiation into Hermetics

  • Exploring and experiencing Bodies and Dimensions
  • Working with the Elements Fire – Air – Water – Earth 
  • Diving into Ether – Akasha the 5th Element 
  • Balancing your emotions and thoughts – control your triggers 
  • Receive healing 
  • Receive forbidden knowledge 


5 day – Elemental, Astral and Planetary spirits and beings

  • Experience different Spheres and their Beings 
  • Explore different types of Realms and Dimensions
  • Get clarity on different Spiritual Beings that can assist you 
  • Build connections with Spiritual beings 
  • Receive deep knowledge and insights into other Worlds


5 day – Symbols, Sigils, Numbers and sacred Shapes

  • Secrets of the Pentagram and Hexagram
  • Tap and read into the Energy behind Symbols
  • Synchronicity of Numbers and Signs 
  • Hidden meaning in Crystals and their powers 
  • Keys into Realms and Dimensions 


5 day – Sacred Geometry in Nature and the Solar System 

  • Feel the building Blocks of the Universe  
  • Secrets to Manifestation and Creation
  • Experience your deeper connection to the Planets
  • Expand and enhance your personal power and influence   
  • Receive sacred ancient teachings 


5 day – Tree of Life

  • Initiations into ancient secrets and teachings
  • Experience the Flower of life and the Seed of life
  • 10 Sepharoth and the four worlds and their hidden powers 
  • Enhance your personal power with each planet 
  • Experience the majesty of the constellations in your bodies


5 day – Hermetic Tarot 

  • Embody the energy of the 22 higher Arcana 
  • Experience the 16 Court cards and the connection to your friends and family
  • Get insights into different tarot decks, their meaning and power and origins 
  • Deepen your knowledge of symbols, numerally and the zodiac 
  • Connect the Tarot across time and culture 
  • Become an exceptional tarot reader 

For Level 7, 8 and 9 you will need to have passed all the other levels before signing up for those workshop as we will be working on the highest level of magic here. 


5 day – Invocation – Evocation and magical weapons

  • Experience the Energy of spiritual beings entering your body
  • Hidden truth about Humanity and the Solar system
  • Access and use of magical Weapons and Armour 
  • Work in accordance to the hierarchy of other dimensional beings 
  • Original earth and planetary intelligences
  • Step into the power of the Ancients 


5 day – True Kabbalah

  • Dive deep into the hidden mysteries or the Hermetic Kabbalah
  • Step into your manifesting power by using the language of the Universe
  • Become a master of atmosphere of the frequency of your own space
  • shift and change any negative thought and emotion easily
  • Influence other peoples behaviours, thoughts and emotions 
  • Stretch your mind beyond the limits – become limitless 
  • Override mental insecurities 


5 day – Hermetic Magic 

  • Become a true master of the three worlds
  • Step into your full potential 
  • Connect worlds, realms and dimensions 
  • Amplify the energy of the elements into rooms, buildings, atmosphere 
  • Secrets of the monks, druids and mystics 
  • Step into your rainbow body 
  • Energise your physical, mental and astral bodies 


1 day – Vortex, Wormholes, Portals