Date: 15th – 22nd April 2024
Location: Online, via Zoom
Price: $369 AUD 

Protection is the most important component not only when you enter the spiritual realms but also in this physical dimension.
For Shamans, Practitioners, Teachers, Medium, Group facilitators and the like. For intermediate level of spiritual practitioners only! Not suitable for newbies, Sorry.
Protecting yourself from psychic attacks eg. arguments, jealousy, narcissists, empathic energy you’re picking up in shopping centres, events, and the like.
Protection yourself when connecting to the spiritual realms from entities sucking your energy, leaching onto you and so on.
Cleansing yourself on all levels, physical, mentally and astrally is key to keep the inside clean, your energy vibration high and to be not effected by other peoples opinions and expectations.
✨ This and much more we will share in this workshop ✨
Day 1 Protection overview – different types of protection
Day 2 Spiritual protection
Day 3 Cleansing and energy vibration
Day 4 Mental protection: psychic attacks, black magic
Day 5 Power of symbols
Day 6 Astral Protection & Entity removal
Day 7 House clearing
Day 8 Protection tools, voting, creating magic weapons
When? 15 – 22 April
Where? online
When? 10am Sydney time
What? 60 min – 8 consecutive days
Investment: A$369
✨ All sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it in person. ✨
or you can transfer the money into my bank account (WISE, A$, USD, or Euro) and just send me a screen shot of the payment.
Get in touch via messenger if you have any questions.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Much love Manuela & Michael