Date: 7th – 12th March 2023
Location: 24/48 Viset Rd Rawai, Mueang Phuket 83130, Thailand
Full Price: $1,099 USD
Price for Return students of Michael or Mark: $799 USD

Join Michael Lamb as he unveils the secrets of Sacred Geometry in Phuket Thailand

Have you ever wondered why flowers and crystals grow into certain shapes?

Or why quartz crystal is so powerful and being used in AI technology?

Have you ever wanted to learn the hidden secrets of the Pentagram, Hexagram and the Octagon?

And why the 5-point, 6-point and 8-point stars were worshipped?

Why so many temples, cathedrals, ancient stone structures, and sacred stone sites are situated on the Earth’s nodes and magnetic ley lines?

Learn how to translate your dreams, understand symbols and metaphors

Become the conductor of electric and magnetic energies

Learn the secret magic of metals

Reveal hidden planes and dimensions parallel to ours … enhance your spiritual knowledge and learn with Michael Lamb!