What people are saying about Michael and his work

An Angel comes but once in a while in human form and spreads his wings among us. His nature brings to mere mortal flesh a sense of all universal.

The dreams he shares and his love to others can never compare with the kindness he bestows upon them. God thanks for Michael and his goodliness may prosper for ever.

Carolyn Kunde
Student Manager, of The Valley Spiritual Church.

Things start to happen when you study with Michael. It’s hard to put it into words, your life changes, you experience synchronicity,

pieces of the puzzle fall into place, your reality changes and expecting the unexpected becomes normal.
Thank you Michael for being a wonderful teacher.

He is truly a wizard.

Love and respect
Vivia Allanson
Costing Engineer

The best description I can make for you (about you) Michael is this;

The Universe, the earth, the angels, the archangels use you as a thermal energy transmitter, as a cable conducting heir warm light, love and energy directly to us; your students. The best thing about you is; you are teaching us to become our own source of energy.
Not only you are a great teacher; you are also a great healer. See;

Do you remember, I was so focused on the light I didn’t see that I couldn’t meditate properly? Now in my meditation I allow myself to see and feel and smell whatever comes up. That is great, wonderful. My mind is healed. Thank you so much.

Another major transformation: Because of your amazing way of teaching astrology I am no longer fighting against my birth sign; Gemini. Now I proudly own the qualities of it and enjoy to face its challenges. I feel free. Wow!

I am now able to reach for any energy I need in my daily life; talking to my immigration officer is easy with the strength of the lion.

Thinking of my future relationship; I am the creative virgo and the deep and precise scorpio. In the traffic I am fish; swimming through it….

I was a happy person; my happiness is so greater now. I was nervous and anxious; I am peaceful and confident.
I am so grateful for having you in my life.

Thank you Michael, my life is becoming a game and since I know you, it is a game in which I am the winner. And every one around me becomes a winner too!

Love and Gratitude
Clotilde Lachat
Massage Therapist, Energetic healer.

Have you ever met Someone for the first time and felt you’ve known them all your life? Meeting Michael has been a life changing experience for myself, my brother and my whole family.

You will meet a couple of people in your life with as much as energy and positive info about who you are, where we are going or where we’ve been.

If you need to understand yourself and the Universe; Michael Lamb is your guide.

All of love.

Ken & Chris Foster
Brothers at Arms – Academy of Western Martial Arts

You are a good teacher and a friend of us.

You have shown us the path and hold the light of knowledge to guide us.

We are truly blessed to have you.                

Love, Light and Energy.     


Michael, my experience with this man has been wonderful, I have spent many years learning my path and Michael has brought a wonderful new, interesting perspective on knowledge and how to use knowledge wisely. He is one true man of the path of spirit and a teacher who is both knowledgeable and has passion and insight.

Reiki Master

Mr. Lamb, I shared your  CD “The Light Within” with a friend of mine on the West Coast, Northern California, and thought you might like to read the following feed back quote she sent  . . .

I have listened to Light Within. Its good.
It is like most meditation tapes I’ve listened to. I think one thing that makes a successful tape is having the right kind of voice. One guy I had
on a chanting tape was too nasaly, and so, the tape was annoying instead of beneficial. Michael’s voice is steady and soothing . . . Hania

All the Best, 


Thank you from my Heart dear Michael for being a guide and mentor these past years.

I suffered with leg cramps for most of my life. Michael shared light healing sessions with me and the cramps have never returned.


You have a natural gift of healing hands, Michael.