About Michael Lamb


Michael Lamb is an Kabbalistic Alchemist, having studied for nine years at The School of Inner Knowledge, with Hermetic Lore, Universal Healing, Colour, Sound, The Elements, Vibration, Numerology, Astronomy/ Astrology, Cosmology, Astral & Mental Projection, Occult Mysteries, Electro Magnetism, Ancient Eastern & Western Philosophy, Tarot, Kabbalah, Dozens of Meditation techniques & an Absolute Love for Life. He has appeared on several radio shows recorded meditations and taught in Europe, whilst visiting many Sacred sites.

Michael's Achievements

Michael has produced & recorded 4 meditation CDs, hosted the radio shows Astro-Alchemy, Elemental Vibrations, taught numerous, seminars, power points, workshops, meditations & authored dozens of meta physical magazine articles with absolute Love for Life.

Michael's Thoughts

The most important relationship we have with ourselves is with our heart and our mind.

Our heart is to our true feelings, intuition, love and artistic expression – the universal
connection with all of life.

Our minds work with logic and a 3 dimensional mechanical
linear expression.

When we are dealing with the material world with work and physical objects, this is where our mind works best, simple numerical sequences. However, when it comes to relationships with people; what naturally presents itself in the moment is the heart felt connection and when we are being true to ourselves, everything naturally falls in place and what is not in harmony needs to be realigned from the heart.

The heart is the soul and when we are centred we connect to our true spirit, soul, heart, mind, harmony.

When we are in a harmonious flow we are flexible to change and changes are constant and natural universal law.

Our mind loves simplicity – simple structures and systems where chaos is minimised and order is amplified. This gives free flow of thought, emotions, intuition and leads to great health and wealth and gives us foundation and organic natural connection with all life, therefore we create a natural flow from one living situation to the next by keeping our minds and hearts clear of clutter, as the same within our homes and relationships.

Communication of thoughts and feelings are received clearly to other living hearts (the heart is the centre). It takes great courage and conviction to stay in
one’s heart and by enrolling in the mentorship program you will achieve the deepest connection
within your own heart, mind, body and soul to manifest without hesitation a relaxed conscious energy to communicate with every living life form.