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To wonder the the inner path of self discovery is the greatest journey anyone person can take it is a road that we will all walk, in this life of the next.


When Kean and Michael get together – Shift happens! 

Friday July 3rd 7 to 10pm max (we like to give!)



Current course are being run at the Pottsville Community Hall at 1 Tweed Coast Road. Pottsville.  Cost is $30. Course will run from 2pm to 5pm. If you wish to proceed with the Mystery School, we need a commitment of attending 4 other workshops. Total cost for the 5 workshops is $150 including the first one.

Additional courses are being run on the Sunshine Coast, for more information visit the contact page


Welcome to my Website.

For those who are revisiting, you will notice some refreshing changes and these changes will be ongoing as I keep evolving and expanding my work. 

For those who are visiting for the first time, it’s an honour to welcome you, I hope you find these pages informative.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful teachers who have come before and shared their wisdom, and who have inspired me to learn and grow and to share what I have learned.  We live in one of the most important and fascinating times in human history, and the big question is “what role can we play in manifesting the changes needed so we can ascend to our highest potential”.   It is to this end that I am happy to share my knowledge and to inspire others to learn, to expand their own spiritual understandings and to realise their own dreams.

I hope this site, as well as the others you will find here, will help you to be inspired to seek your own truth. 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you at a workshop or retreat in the near future.

Michael Lamb.

Discover Yourself.

The process of Alchemy has been compared to that of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly – the blueprint for the butterfly is held within the caterpillar, even if the caterpillar doesn’t yet know it is destined to become a beautiful butterfly!

Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb is a Hermetic Kabbalistic Alchemist, adept trained from The School of Inner Knowledge, with Alchemy, Universal healing through sound, colour, numerology geometry & vibration. Astronomy, astrology, cosmology, symbolism, channelling, remote viewing, astral & mental projection, lucid dreaming, occult mysteries, Electro Magnetism, ancient Eastern & Western philosophy, tarot, Kabbalah & advanced metaphysics make up this time traveller.

Michael has produced & recorded 4 meditation CDs, hosted the radio shows Astro-Alchemy, Elemental Vibrations, taught numerous, seminars, power points, workshops, meditations & authored dozens of meta physical magazine articles with absolute Love for Life

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