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Learn Hermetic Alchemy with the 27 Letters of the True Kabbalah the Quintessencial Work of Franz Bardon in this 10 day Workshop The Key to the Tarot the Ten Sephiroth on the three Pillars

The Tree of life strongest focus is Meditation, Concentration & Visualisation. The Student will gain knowledge with hightened awareness that they can adapt throughout their day to day lives in a flexible & practical manner.

Overview of Contents & Chapters

  • Meditation on The Five Elements
  • The Planets & Constellations
  • The Tarot & Symbolism The 27 Kabbalistic Letters
  • The Great Earth Crystals
  • Balancing Keys of Orion, Sirius, Acturus, Andromeda & The Pleiades

The Benefits of attending this class are beyond measure as I am honoured to present such an empowering & engaging event.

The Benefits of attending this class are beyond measure as I am honoured to present such an empowering & engaging event.

The Tree of life strongest focus is Meditation, Concentration & Visualisation. The Student will gain a knowledge and awareness that they can adapt and use throughout their day to day lives in a flexible & practical manner.

Session 1 will be on the Power, awakening energy of our own thoughts, feelings & emotions as we live our conscious awakening lives.

The very essence of our mind’s interaction with our inner selves, Soul & Spirit while we experience Earthly life relationships with living beings in our cultures, Societies, Civilizations & with inPHInite Nature.

The Elements represent all life creation through natural evolutionary cycles from the smallest Photon to the Giant Galaxies of billions of stars.

We will be exploring the Elements & why they are the very Foundation of many Ancient Philosophies & Modern Teachings.

  • Fire for Motivation, Energy, Drive, Willpower, Your Spirit.
  • Water for Love, Kindness, Compassion, Harmony, Your Soul.
  • Air for Mental Skills, Intelligence, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Mind.
  • Earth for Confidence, Stability, Strength, Grounded, Your Physical Body.
  • AEther for the inphinite connection to all life through Chi, Prana, Mana, Universal Source energy.

Creating the elements within your Being. (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether) shall enhance your awareness with the unseen Elemental, Spheres & dimensions.

This class will feature the combination of Astrology, Astronomy Cosmology with some Numerology, Symbolism and how to feel into the energies of the planets & constellations through meditation focus & visualization.

Read the stars, and how we are influenced by these celestial immortals on your personal levels.

Let us observe the Crystalline Grid, which links the Crystals in the Earth. Where this Grid crosses are major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Inner Earth and Surface World to other dimensional worlds.

We will learn how Crystals, gems, Jewels & precious metals assist us in Healing, cleansing & rejuvenating our mind, body & Soul

Also complementing this awareness of energy types, influencers, sources & how to protect ourselves from negative attacks using mental emotional & psychic shielding & supports with crystals, mantras and symbols.

Each student will be shown & given the tools to allow one to interpret Symbols and their meanings as Symbolism the language of the Soul.

The student must be ready to embrace this wisdom provided by the teacher who would have covered a broad discipline both of the Eastern and Western Mystery schools.

Mantras affirmations or chants that build confidence clarity with purpose to assist us in our daily lives.

Past Lives; Have we lived before? Why am I or people I love & know so attracted to certain countries, holy places, Shrines & temples from Ancient Cultures? What is Deja Vu?

Why does my body shiver when I see think or hear of a sacred place?

 2)   Reincarnation; What happens when Our physical Body dies? Do we keep living continuing our Soul Cycles, How do we cross over? how do we get back? Do I have loved ones on the other side? Who or Whom is caring for all this inphinite life?

 3)   Akashic Records, What is the Akashic Library? Where is it? How do I Access it? When did this happen? Why is it important for my Life Journey to know this?

Michael Lamb is a Hermetic Alchemist, having studied for nine years at The School of Inner Knowledge with William Cook Edwards, with Kabbalah, Hermetic Lore, Universal Healing, Colour, Sound, The Elements, Vibration techniques & hidden lore’s of Nature & The Cosmos.

I hope you have found this message engaging and will join us for The Mystery School on the Tree of Life. I am so excited about presenting this series of courses.

Great we can harmonize all these practices to the Tree of life and Quabbalah as it makes it smoother to teach all the basics through to intermediate levels.

Pricing structure $2500 US for new students $1500 US for previous students

To wander the inner path of self discovery is the greatest journey any person can take. It is a road that we will all walk. In this life or the next.

Additional courses are being run on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. For more information – Contact Michael.


Hermetic Alchemy & The Tree of Life

By The Art of Attunement & Michael's Alchemy

This special one day event will be a fun filled afternoon at a luxury private residence in Morningside, Brisbane.  The event will cover a range of topics including:

  • Whole Body Breathing theory & Practice
  • How to tangibly feel energy
  • Dynamic Stretching for greater energetic conductivity
  • Building the Ball Energetic Meditation Method
  • Seven Character Meditation
  • The Hermetic Theory of the 37 Factors of Awakening
  • Mastering Thoughts & Emotions
  • Special Presentation on The Tree of Life
  • Fire Circle

Dinner & refreshments will be provided thoughout the event and their will be opportunities for questions & answers on related topics.


To wander the inner path of self discovery is the greatest journey any person can take. It is a road that we will all walk. In this life or the next.

Additional courses are being run on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. For more information – Contact Michael.

Participate in our Hermetic online classes on Meet, Zoom,Messenger & Whatsapp
One on One subjects include

  • Arcana
  • Astral beings 7 types of entities
  • Planetary energy
  • Dowsing
  • Elements
  • Genies & Giants
  • plus much much more.


Come join us in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Saturday June 25th free only 35 minutes from Nerang, reconnecting with nature, our selves, the stars and each other.

Read the stars, and how we are influenced by these celestial immortals.

“EARTHING” Day – Register TEXT: 0400 005 741
Earthing activities and learn gardening, meditations, womens sister circle and men’s circle, Soul Nourishing experiences and Star gazing, and guest presenter Michael Lamb.
Read more below ❤ to 💛
WHERE : Beechmont Mountain- GC Hinterland only 35 mins from the motorway exit. (Address will be given when you register).
ARRIVAL Create & learn sustainable gardening, structures, camping areas, meditation areas in the forest, Shared Lunch – When you contribute your time, energy and love, the rest of the day is FREE (as our Thank you)
2pm: AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES – Mens Circle, Sister Circle, Healing, Fire Cermemony and Meditation as the sun goes down… – Note: if you’re only arriving at 2pm for afternoon and evening activities bring $30 to help us pay for our presenters.
5pm: EVENING PRESENTATION: : Shared Meal, Fire Ceremony, Stars & Guest presentation from Michael Lamb who will use his laser pen to guide us through star constellations as we sit outside learning ans star gazing together !!!- if you are only arriving at 5pm – investment is $30
8.45 pm: FAREWELL
WHEN: Sat June 25
TEXT: 0400005741 your name plus the words Earthday June – and we’ll send the details – so we can prepare for Transport down into the Valley and catering.
Come hang out with like minded groovers who share a mutual love of nature, happiness, the pursuit of human kindness, eco-consciousness, awareness and good old down to earth, back to nature, authenticity and care.
If you help out in the Morning your whole EARTHING day with us is FREE, (arrive from 8.45-9 am )
Arrive at 2pm and pay $30 for your afternoon/ evening Experience
Arrive at 5pm and pay $30 for the evening experience to help us pay our Guest presenter Michael .

Come and join our local classes in Sunshine Coast.
Address to be announced.

Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb is a Hermetic Kabbalistic Alchemist, adept trained from The School of Inner Knowledge, with Alchemy, Universal Healing through sound, colour, numerology geometry & vibration.

Discover Yourself

The Chakras;

Balancing thoughts, emotions & feelings that affect the different layers of our physical, mental, emotional/ astral and spiritual bodies.

You will be given Majestic Meditations to balance & harmonize Emotional Energy.

In this Workshop /class we will be feeling, sensing, vibrations, energies & emotions through our subtle bodies senses i.e. the Chakras.

The Seven Suns of the Seven Sons keys to the colour wheels of light.

The process of Alchemy has been compared to that of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly – the blueprint for the butterfly is held within the caterpillar, even if the caterpillar doesn’t yet know it is destined to become a beatiful butterfly!

Astronomy / Astrology

The natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena, which involves using mathematics, physics, and chemistry in order to explain their origin and evolution. Classes focus on planets, moons, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and comets.



The origin and chronology of the universe. Physical cosmology is the study of the universe’s origin, its large-scale structures and dynamics, and the ultimate fate of the universe, including the laws of science that govern these areas.

Self Healing


In this Workshop we will be learning, practicing & applying these principles :

  • Universal Healing
  • Healing self and others
  • Healing: Plants, animals and the Earth
  • Distance healing
  • Blessing food and drink
  • Potential influences from Past lives and re-incarnation

Booking Info

Bookings are essential.

Seating will be limited as this will be an intimate event.

To book, email:

Crystal Light Healing



From ancient times, civilizations and peoples have been mystified by the magic of precious stones and crystals. They have been made into every type of jewellery imaginable; crowns, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, anklets and pendants. They have been used as amulets to bring luck (positive, attractive) and talismans to ward off trouble (negative, repel).


Crystal light healing helps to remove energy blockages and provide support on many inner conscious levels.

Designer Meditations

Use mindfulness, focus the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.


What people are saying about Michael and his work.

Vivia AllansonCosting Engineer
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Things start to happen when you study with Michael. It’s hard to put it into words, your life changes, you experience synchronicity, pieces of the puzzle fall into place, your reality changes and expecting the unexpected becomes normal. Thank you Michael for being a wonderful teacher. He is truly a wizard. Love and respect Vivia Allanson
Ken & Chris FosterBrothers at Arms – Academy of Western Martial Arts
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Have you ever met Someone for the first time and felt you’ve known them all your life? Meeting Michael has been a life changing experience for myself, my brother and my whole family. You will meet a couple of people in your life with as much as energy and positive info about who you are, where we are going or where we’ve been. If you need to understand yourself and the Universe; Michael Lamb is your guide. All of love.
JustinReiki Master
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Michael, my experience with this man has been wonderful, I have spent many years learning my path and Michael has brought a wonderful new, interesting perspective on knowledge and how to use knowledge wisely. He is one true man of the path of spirit and a teacher who is both knowledgeable and has passion and insight.